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April 28-29, 2018


TED Mersin College

Friday 27th May

10.15-10.35 Welcome and Opening remarks Beril YÜCEL, Director, TED Headquarters Foreign Languages Directorate
10.35-11.35 Plenary


Amanda YEŞİLBURSA, Bursa Uludağ University

Reflective English Language Teaching: Understanding the Past to Shape the Future

11.35-11.55  BREAK
11.55-12.00 Join Concurrent Session 1
12.00-12.45 Concurrent session #1 -Room 1-

Ülker ALICI & Tijen TOSUN & Mesut YAYLA, TED Antalya College

Cultural Studies in ELT

-Room 2-

Xhana METAJ, TED Ankara College

English Language Teachers’ Learning & Teaching of Culture in the Turkish Context

-Room 3-

Seda ÖZKAN, TED Kocaeli College

The Teacher of the Future with a Mindful Approach

-Room 4-

Gizem İYİGÜN, TED Headquarters

Teacher Engagement through PD: Always the Journey, Never the Destination


-Room 5-


Bahar TOLA, TED Ege College

Using Literature as a CLIL Tool in ELT CLIL Time: ‘’A Travel to Literary World”


-Room 6-

Merve PUR & Tuğba AYDIN, TED Antalya College

How to Make Digital Worksheets by Using Wizer

-Room 7-

Kamil Onur AKAY, TED Ankara College

Teacher Mindsets and their Effects on Learning

12.45-13.25 LUNCH
13.25-  13.30 Join Concurrent Session 2


Concurrent session #2 -Room 1-

Amir HAMİDİ, Unlimited Educational Services (UES)

Turning Insight into Action through Reflective Teaching

-Room 2-

Caleb R. COOK, TED Ankara College

Reflection through Feeding Cycles

-Room 3-

Nur AK, TED Ege College

Understanding and Using Alternative Assessment Methods/

-Room 4-

Warda GACEMİ & İdil PEHLİVAN, TED Hatay College

Self-monitoring Strategies as an Effective Reflective Practice

-Room 5-

Amanda YEŞİLBURSA, Bursa Uludağ University

Doing Reflection

-Room 6-

Benan Rifaioglu ALAHDAB, Goal Testing

Changing Needs of CLIL Programs

-Room 7-

Louise PIKE, Pearson

Developing a Coding Mindset in the ELL Classroom: Unplugged

14.15-14.35 BREAK
14.35-14.40 Join Concurrent Session 3


Concurrent session #3 -Room 1-

Sinem ORALLI, TED Ankara College

Nature Journaling: A Reflective and Cross-Curricular Activity during Lockdown

-Room 2- Ferdi ÇELİK, TED Çorum College

Developing EFL Skills Through Augmented Reality Based Mobile Apps

Room 3-

Deniz DEMİRCİ, TED Mersin College

In Pursuit of 4 Skills

-Room 4-

Jacqueline HALSALL, (OUP Turkey)

Reflective Practice in ELT

-Room 5-

Ebru Elvan KOCAMAN, TED Samsun College

Grammar doesn’t Make you Speak but Vocabulary does!

-Room 6-

Helin KÖYLÜ, TED Ankara College

Alternative Assessment

-Room 7-

Cristina Manea GÜLTEKIN, Cambridge University Press and Assessment

Reflective Practice: Are you Loving It or Hating It?

15.25-15.45 BREAK
15.45-15.50 Join Concurrent Session 4










Concurrent Session #4 -Room 1-

 Chris KOSTAS, Ahead Books Publications

 Distance Learning Versus Traditional Learning, How to Bridge the Gap!

-Room 2-

Tuğba ÇİMEN & Ceyda ARIKAN, TED Antalya College

Non-traditional Teaching Approaches

-Room 3-

 Gülgün WIDDOWS, TED Bodrum College

 Have you not Flipped your Class yet?

-Room 4-

 Sinecan AYAĞ & Hülya KARADİZ, TED Antalya College

Teacher/Student Motivation

-Room 5-

 Rezzan KUYUMCU, TED Antalya College

 Bring the outside into the Classroom:  Engage the Experiences to Build the Lessons

-Room 6-

 Sedef Nur GÜLERYÜZ, TED Ankara College

 Brain-based Teaching

-Room 7-

Eliz ERKASAP & Evrim ÖNDER, TED Antalya College

Merging Nearpod with Face to Face Education

Saturday 28th May

10.15-10.35 Welcome and Opening remarks Gizem İYİGÜN, Educational Specialist, TED Headquarters Foreign Languages Directorate
10.35-11.35 Plenary Christina GKONOU, University of Essex

Understanding Language Teacher Emotions

11.35-11.55 BREAK
11.55-12.00 Join Concurrent Session 1
12.00-12.45 Concurrent session #1 -Room 1-

Eda İlgün MACİT & Zeynep USLU, Globed E-Learning

Inquiry-Based Learning: What is it all about?

Room 2-

Begüm YILMAZ, TED Samsun College

Tales “en Pointé”: Tell aloud, feel about, act it out, dance it up!

-Room 3-

Melis Akdoğan GÜNDOĞDU, TOBB University of Economics and Technology

‘Little Barbarians’ and Teacher Wellbeing

-Room 4-

Mario Enrique VARGAS & Thunny BY, TED Antalya College

Holistic Approaches in Early Childhood Education

-Room 5-

Selen ERKAN, TED Bodrum College

Mindfulness in Schools

-Room 6- 

Agnes CHEROTICH & Irene Wamuyu WAWERU, TED Antalya College

Using Background Music Effectively in ESL Classrooms

-Room 7-

M. Merve DEMİREL & Mehmet Can ÜNÜVAR, TED Antalya College

Motivation from the Viewpoint of Teachers

12.45-13.25 LUNCH
13.25-13.30 Join Afternoon Plenary
13.30-14.15 Plenary Kate PICKERING, Macmillan Education

Promoting Student Well-being through English



14.35-14.40 Join Concurrent Session 2


Concurrent session #2 -Room 1-

Burak KERECİ, TED Mersin College

Using Video in Class

-Room 2-

Edwin PORUSINGAZI, TED Kocaeli College

Using Readers in the Classroom

-Room 3-

Mervenur SiNOP & Mutlu TAŞ, TED Kocaeli College

Understanding and Teaching Young Learners in an Engaging Way

-Room 4-

Müge PINAR, TED Samsun College

Tips to Get out of your Comfort Zone!

-Room 5-

Christina GKONOU, University of Essex

Socio-emotional Competencies for Language Learning and Teaching

-Room 6-

Begüm ÜNAL & Imane YAYLA, TED Antalya College

Building Better Reading Skills

-Room 7-

Suna UYAN, TED Samsun College

The Use of Metaverse as a Tool in Language Teaching

15.25-15.45 BREAK
15.45-15.50 Join Concurrent Session 3
15.50-16.35 Concurrent session #3 -Room 1-

Irina ALACA & Viola KAYA, TED Kocaeli College

The Power of Storytelling

-Room 2-

Tatiana CHICHEK & Maria YAZICI, TED Ankara College

Addressing Social Issues in Primary Classroom

-Room 3-

Paul HUTSON & Sam DAVIDSON, Wonky Star Ltd

Gamifying Learning & Giving Children an Audience

-Room 4-

Hanife TOP, TED Kocaeli College

Ice-breaking Activities In EFL

-Room 5-

Büşra BAKAR, TED Samsun College

Snap it, Clap it, Jazz it up, Teaching English through Jazz Chants

-Room 6-

Cihan POLATKAN, TED Ege College

Too hard to handle? Challenging Scenarios in Classroom Management at KG

-Room 7-

JI YOUNG KO, NE_Build&Grow

The Guide to Write Authentic Writing Pieces



16.55-17.00 Join Closing Plenary


Plenary Belgin ELMAS, TED University

 Increasing Foreign Language Teachers’ Awareness of Feedback Literacy